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How it Works

How it Works

Finally a website that takes the guesswork out of promotional products!

You can browse what is available, and what works for your budget, without having to submit requests for lots of quotes—only to find out that they were never going to work in the first place!

Browse the products to find something that takes your fancy—using the Search function to find all the products in one category, e.g., “lanyard”. If you have any questions please click on the “lightbulb” to send us a question about the product. You can also see how Branding Options and quantities affects the price of the product (see Printing information for an understanding of how printing options affect pricing) by using the Cart. Remember: using the Cart doesn’t commit you to buy anything so you can just use it as a pricing tool.

Getting the most out of your promotional products

The biggest mistake that is made when creating promotional products is to use ordinary artwork. Why not let us help with this? You can get an idea of how good we are from browsing our portfolio over at MCK Design & Print.

Uploading files and getting proofs

We will contact you when you make an order. We will confirm printing colours and what artwork, if any, you have available. Obviously if we need to create artwork or alter your artwork then there will be additional charges. We will give you an idea of what this is likely to cost before proceeding.