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Promotional Products

Promotional Products



A good promotional product is one that conveys the right image for your brand. Drink bottles, coffee mugs and glasses, etc., because they are so useful, help put your image or brand in front of both existing and new clients.

We have promotional drinkware of all shapes and sizes: drink bottles, coffee mugs, wine and beer glasses, bottle openers, wine and beer coolers, coasters and even ice buckets. They also make great corporate gifts.

Have a look at our Chameleon Coffee Mug for something that will be a talking point amongst your clients.

In Australia? Order Drinkware from our Australian website, including free freight within Australia:

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Promotional Pens

We have all sorts of promotional pens from plastic pens, to high quality metals pens, standard pens, USB Flash data drive pens to novelty pens. Pens, because they are so useful, are a great and inexpensive way to brand and promote your business or event.

Our pen indent service is a very effective way of reducing pen prices by buying in bulk. Your pens are made to order and printed or laser engraved in our overseas factories, taking advantage of their lower production and printing costs. See About Indent Pens and Pen Finishes for information about the various options for indenting pens and how to brand them. Indented pens are not held in stock and only available for larger orders.

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Promotional products that are designed for the individual: caps, jandals (flip flops), t-shirts, tissues, temporary tattoos, t-shirts, luggage tags, etc. These items give your brand or business a personal touch.


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Apparel & Headwear

We have introduced a new range of headwear and apparel which includes caps, beanies, bucket hats and wide brim hats (headwear) and a high quality range of t-shirts. They are ready to be branded/printed or embroidered, and make an ideal, long-lasting corporate gift.

In Australia? Order Apparel from our Australian website, including free freight within Australia:

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Promotional tools of all kinds, from torches to pocket knives, from tape measures to ice cream scoops. These are obvious promotional products for classic car clubs, builders, educational institutes, sports clubs and mechanics, but will work well for anywhere you would like to provide the “right tool for the job.” Ideal for branding and promoting your business as, because these tools are so useful, they will be kept around for a long time.

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Promotional leisure products that are ideal for branding/printing. Anti Stress products, beach balls, binoculars, coloured pencils, golf tees, markers, pencils, toolls and golf balls, yoyos, puzzles, whistles, towels and much more. They make great corporate gifts and are ideal for conferences or sports events and tournaments.


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