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Promotional tools of all kinds, from torches to pocket knives, from tape measures to ice cream scoops. These are obvious promotional products for classic car clubs, builders, educational institutes, sports clubs and mechanics, but will work well for anywhere you would like to provide the “right tool for the job.” Ideal for branding and promoting your business as, because these tools are so useful, they will be kept around for a long time.

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Mini Cutter Key Ring

From NZ$0.82

plus GST
Free Freight

Key ring with a retractable cutting blade. The blade has a safety lock mechanism.

Item no.: 100296

House Tape Measure Key Ring

From NZ$1.17

plus GST
Free Freight

Key Ring with a one metre locking tape measure in the shape of a house.

Item no.: 100306

Tape Measure Key Ring

From NZ$1.14

plus GST
Free Freight

Key ring with a 2 metre metal tape measure with metric and imperial graduations.

Item no.: 100308

Carpenter’s pencil

From NZ$0.48

plus GST
Free Freight

Rectangular shaped carpenter’s pencil ready for printing—including in full colour.

Item no.: 100467

Vegetable Peeler

From NZ$2.64

plus GST
Free Freight

Vegetable peeler with a built in grater. Proven design and quality.

Item no.: 100557

Locking Tape Measure

From NZ$2.23

plus GST
Free Freight

2 metre locking tape measure with metric graduations. Belt clip and wrist strap are included.

Item no.: 100599

Ice Scraper

From NZ$1.20

plus GST
Free Freight

Ice scraper with a serrated edge for removing built up ice and snow. Great for cleaning out the freezer.

Item no.: 100642

Pump Torch

From NZ$2.31

plus GST
Free Freight

Environmentally friendly torch that does not require pollution producing batteries. Pump the handle for instant light; 30 seconds of gentle pumping will produce up to 15 minutes of light.

Item no.: 100785

7 Function Pocket Knife

From NZ$3.54

plus GST
Free Freight

Good quality, Swiss army-style, multi function pocket knife. Includes knives, screw driver, nail file, bottle openers, etc.

Item no.: 100789

Alpine Multi Tool

From NZ$6.13

plus GST
Free Freight

Precision 6 function multi tool complete with a nylon belt pouch. Includes plyers, screwdriver, knife and torch, etc.

Item no.: 100792

5 Metre Tape Measure

From NZ$3.84

plus GST
Free Freight

Strong and functional 5-metre tape measure complete with belt clip, wrist strap and inches and centimetres on the metal blade.

Item no.: 100911

Ice Cream Scoop

From NZ$1.75

plus GST
Free Freight

Ice cream scoop with a unique trigger release.

Item no.: 102160

Verve Pocket Torch

From NZ$6.50

plus GST
Free Freight

Small, pocket-sized aluminium flashlight with three powerful LEDs.

Item no.: 104158

Explorer Torch

From NZ$9.10

plus GST
Free Freight

Rugged aluminium flashlight with a powerful array of three LEDs. Comes complete with wrist strap, batteries and a deluxe magnetic closure gift box.

Item no.: 104161

Classic Multi Tool

From NZ$9.29

plus GST
Free Freight

Heavy duty multi tool with 12 fold away functions. Comes complete with a nylon pouch that has a convenient belt loop. Includes plyers, knives, screw driver, nail file, etc.

Item no.: 104164

Tool Kit Torch

From NZ$1.52

plus GST
Free Freight

Handy screwdriver set with 6 interchangeable attachments complete with a built in LED torch and strong secure clip.

Item no.: 104167

Pocket Screw Driver Set

From NZ$0.89

plus GST
Free Freight

Unique screw driver set with four interchangeable screwdrivers and a secure pocket clip.

Item no.: 104627

Vernier Caliper

From NZ$0.77

plus GST
Free Freight

Low priced fully functional plastic vernier caliper.

Item no.: 104642

Tyre Tread Depth Gauge

From NZ$0.74

plus GST
Free Freight

Tool for measuring tyre tread depths with a handy key ring attachment. Comes with complete instructions for use and is an ideal safety product.

Item no.: 104645

Classic Wine Waiter’s Knife

From NZ$2.97

plus GST
Free Freight

A smart wine waiter’s knife complete with corkscrew, bottle opener and foil cutter.

Item no.: 104657

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